React JSX and Rendering

JSX is a statically-typed, object-oriented programming language that compiles to JavaScript. In React, JSX provides syntactic sugar for React.createElement(component, props, ...children) function and Babel takes care the compilation.

It's recommended to use JSX to describe your UI components.

HTML into JavaScript

React puts HTML into JavaScript with JSX.


Compile-time Errors

JSX will be compiled to JavaScript. Making a typo error in JSX, it won't compile.

Forgot to close a div tag? The compiler will give you feedback about it.

Power of JavaScript

You can enjoy all the power of JavaScript when working with your markup.

Looping or conditional logic with your markup do not require extra tags, just simple JavaScript.


Now that you know the benefits of JSX, let's describe JSX in depth:

  • JSX looks like HTML:
const element = <div>Hello World</div>;
  • JSX and Styles:
const styles = { backgroundColor: "#fff" };

// Element with inline styles
const element1 = <div style={styles}>Hello World</div>;

// Element with class name
const element2 = <div className="your-class-name">Hello World</div>;
  • JSX and Event Handlers:
const element1 = <div onClick={() => myOnClickHandler()}>Click Me</div>;
const element2 = <div onClick={myOnClickHandler}>Click Me</div>;
  • JSX and JavaScript expressions:
const formatName = name => `${name} - formatted`;

const element = <div>Hello, {formatName("John")}</div>;
  • JSX and Looping:
const persons = [
  { id: 1, name: "John" },
  { id: 2, name: "Mark" },
  { id: 3, name: "Peter" }

const element = (
    { => (
      <div key={`p-${}`}>Hello {}</div>
  • JSX and Conditional Logic:
const element = <div>{isLoggedIn ? <div>Hello User</div> : null}</div>;


JSX brings HTML into JavaScript and you can use plain JavaScript to accomplish conditional rendering and looping.

Next, you are going to explore React Components in details.

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